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Family Fortunes Bulk Buys | Family Fortunes Questions And Answers | Instant Download

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  • Family Fortunes Games 1-10 (100 Questions)
  • Family Fortunes Games 11-20 (100 Questions)
  • Family Fortunes Games 21-30 (100 Questions)
  • Family Fortunes Games 1-30 (Best Buy) (300 Questions)

Family Fortunes Questions And Answers quiz. (Also known as Family Feud in the US) is based on the popular TV show of Family Fortunes.

These games are instantly downloadable and ready to play, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here's how it works ...

100 people have been surveyed and we have used the Top 5 answers for each question.

If teams guess the top answer in each round they'll score 5 points, the second most popular answer is worth 4 points, and so on …

Teams/Players try to think about what the majority of people would say, to win the highest number of points available.

There are 10 questions per quiz and each question has 5 top answers, making 50 points available for each game.

For each game purchased, you will receive 1x PDF with 2 pages ... Page 1 has the quiz (as pictured) and Page 2 has the answers

Instant Digital Delivery 24/7 - You'll be directed to the download page, straight after completing your order and you'll also receive a download link via email.