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Boogie Bingo Games

Custom Music Bingo Tickets | 50, 100 or 200 Options | Boogie Bingo | Printable Music Bingo Tickets

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Welcome to our Custom Boogie Bingo Ticket Service.

Do you want the possibility to create your own music bingo tickets, using songs of your choice? Well, now you can ...

Firstly, decide how many tickets you require for your Music Bingo Game.

We have standard options of 50, 100, and 200 music bingo cards, but if you need larger quantities than 200, then please use the contact form for a custom quote.

It's a good idea to have your Spotify playlist already created at the time of placing your order, to make it a more streamlined process (both for you and for us).

Simply create a playlist within Spotify of the 48 songs you would like to use in your game. Here's how to create a playlist in Spotify, if you are unsure ...


Once your playlist is created, its now time to place your order with us. Please make sure you have the correct number of tickets selected at time of ordering.

Once your order is placed, you will then need to share your playlist with us, in order for us to create your cards, using your playlist.

Here's a short video of how to share the playlist link ...


Once you have your share link, you can then use the copied link and send it to us, via our Contact Page. Please remember to include your order number (which will have been emailed to you at the time of ordering. This ensures that we can match up the correct playlist, with the correct order number.

Once your order is complete from our end (this is usually within 24 hours), we will email your set of different cards back to you, using the email you used, when you placed your order.

** As this is a Digital Delivery, please ensure you have the means to print your tickets ... (If you need physical copies of your tickets and don't have a printer, you could either ask a friend to print your tickets for you, or send the tickets to a print shop for them to print for you.) Alternatively, you could email the tickets to players, if you are running the game as a virtual event.

You will receive the set number of tickets you purchased, along with the songs all mixed up, on each and every ticket.

You just either just play the tracks in order from top to bottom, or use Spotify's Shuffle feature, so that the game is different each time you play it.

We look forward to providing you with your custom game(s)