Latest Updates - Dec  2023

Latest Updates - Dec 2023

Just a quick update about our latest changes ...

We've taken on board your feedback and now instead of individual tickets, we have updated all our games, so that whichever set you purchase, you will receive 3x PDF's per pack.

What's Included:-

1. PDF with a Set of Instructions - If you are new to Music Bingo, read these instructions first as they will explain how the game works and tips on how to run the game effectively

2. PDF with Number of Purchased Tickets - Previously these were supplied as individual .JPG's and printing out was a little tricky, so we've simplified the whole process and provided one printable PDF that you open and print out onto A4 sheets of paper, with 2 Bingo Tickets per A4. Simply tear, cut or guillotine in half to divide the sheets into individual tickets - Simple

3.Playlist / Tracklist PDF - This includes a link to the Spotify Playlist for the game you've purchased, as well as a list of all the tracks we use for that particular game. The host will be able to mark off the songs played, so they can keep track of winning calls, as they are made.

With so much great music and a variety of games to suit all ages, it's easy to see why Boogie Bingo is so popular - Give it a try today!

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