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Tortoise Race | Turtle Races | Software | Instant Download

Tortoise Race | Turtle Races | Software | Instant Download

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Turtle Racing / Tortoise Racing is a great way to bring a bit of fun and excitement to your quiz nights, race nights, or other forms of entertainment.

We use these as a tie-breaker game in our quizzes, but their use is only limited by your imagination.

There are 4 race settings in total - one in the Arctic, one in the City, one in the Jungle, and one in the Wild West (Yee-Ha!) and each setting has 6 turtles per race.

Each Turtle race runs independently and is a .exe file.

Once downloaded, just double-click on the file and it'll fire up the software.

Teams can bet, or guess which turtle will finish first. 

Once the bets / guesses are in, you can start the race and off the turtle go.

For an extra little bit of fun, you can let your audience that the software is sound activated and the louder they shout their turtles number, the faster it'll run ... It won't of course, but it makes for a very loud crowd-cheering turtle race, which makes for an even better atmosphere to your night of entertainment!

This has been an absolute winner in my own pub quiz nights for many a year and I know it will prove a winner for you too!

The software is set to run randomly every time it is fired up and even as the purchaser of the software, you won't know which turtle is going to come first, as each race is totally random.

You can either purchase 1, 2 or 3 of the races, or save, when you buy all 4!

Instant Digital Delivery 24/7 - You'll be directed to the download page, straight after completing your order and you'll also receive your download link via email.



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