Exclusive Music Bingo Games

Exclusive Music Bingo Games

As a DJ and Quizmaster myself, I know how hard it can be to find a reliable solution of great quality entertainment, which is why we create our very own Boogie Bingo Games.

The concept of Music Bingo has been around for quite some time, however the solutions were somewhat costly and often ate into the earnings of entertainers, or profits of a fundraising event.

Our aim was to come up with an affordable solution that was available to everyone, whether your a quizmaster, entertainer, venue owner or fundraiser that's looking for ongoing, high-quality entertainment, that you know will stand the test of time.

As well as the affordable standalone games we have available here, we wanted to develop a reliable and affordable solution for our customers that wish to provide ongoing weekly entertainment to guests.

Our Monthly Boogie Bingo subscription service was designed with just that purpose in mind.

Why sign-up to a monthly subscription?

  • Great Value - Our monthly subscription service are better value per game, than our standalone one-off games. This means there's more profit for you as an entertainer or more money for your charity, if you're a fundraiser!
  • Exclusivity - The games we provide through our membership, are only available to our subscribers and are not available anywhere else on the site.
  • Limited Availability - Each of our subscription levels is limited to just 100 members and once that membership level has sold out - no further memberships will be accepted for that level.
  • Reliabie Delivery - Once you register, you'll receive your games via email on the same day every week, for as long as you remain a member.
  • No Tie-In - You commit only to a 4 week membership at a time, so if you wish to cancel for the following month, you can do with no hard feelings. We want you to be happy with the service you receive from us, that's why we work hard to keep you as a customer
  • Different Levels - Having flexible membership options, depending on how many tickets you require per week, means you'll find a package that suits your needs (or we'll create one specifically for you - Yes, we can do that)
  • 5 day Risk-Free Trial - Try us out and if you don't like what we offer, simply cancel within 5 days and we'll issue a refund.

Try your first 5 days, risk-free ...

We're here to gain your trust and loyalty and we know it can be quite scary when setting up a subscription service, especially when you are unsure of what to expect, or are working with a company you've never worked with before.

That's why we want you to try our service out 100% risk-free

Access your first game instantly from the download page, as soon as you register for any of our membership packages and if it's not right for you, simply use our 'contact form' to let us know us within 5 days of joining and we'll cancel your plan and refund your joining fee, with no-questions asked.

So, don't delay ... Join us today - 100% Risk-Free

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